Our goal is to create a beloved community. And this will require a qualitative change in our souls. As well as a quantitative change in our lives.  - Martin Luther King Jr.

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Welcome to the Association for the Betterment of Bucksport

The purpose of the Association for the Betterment of Bucksport is threefold; to increase education, health and fitness. To address mental health needs by serving practitioners, educators, individuals and organization engaged in community based design and planning by serving as the primary clearing house for information exchange; to advance research, education and best practices in community design; and to provide a national voice to promote education in the values of community design..

The objective is to increase safety and justice for those with a limited voice in public life; promote social equality through discourse that reflects a range of values and social identities; engage communities and stakeholders in participatory decision making; advance the right of every person to live in a socially, economically and environmentally health community; create strategies that break the cycle of community and concentrated poverty and promote business attraction and entrepreneurship; to vanquish community blight and substandard housing while pursuing affordable housing and living conditions.

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